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Hey entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially minded people, thanks for stopping by.

I am Cliff Townsend and here’s a little about me… What I love to do is help entrepreneurs become more successful in their everyday entrepreneurial adventures.

Cliff with Les Brown, World’s #1 Motivational Speaker

Cliff with Omar Periu, Self-made Millionaire and Wealth Building Strategy Trainer

Cliff with Randy Gage, Best-selling Author, and Speaker

Cliff with Iman Khan, President of Red Elephant Speaker Training

Seeing others grow in their personal and professional life means so much to me. I am so passionate about what I do because I am living proof that we can change our circumstances regardless of what they are.

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Cliff is more than a coach, he is a fearless, straight shooting motivator that understands how to leverage his business, career, and leadership skills to give the right perspective to others. His is an international perspective that crosses racial, gender and economic lines. in other words, Cliff is the real thing.

Tony Lesesne
The coaching that I have received from Cliff has undeniably changed the height of my business exponentially. I would recommend Cliffas a coach if you’re ready to be held accountable to your own purpose and goals to develop and grow professionally and personally. I thank Cliff for being a part of and allowing me to reflect on my intent for my greatest mission.
Alisa Mondy, Pursue Your Great Enterprises
Cliff is amazing, you really need to hire him to have him speak for you. He is an encourager, he is a great coach. He has helped me in so many ways. If you guys want some changes and if you need some goal setting or motivation. Whatever you need Cliff has got you covered I promise. Hire Cliff, he’s the right choice.
Sandy Peters

Black Broke Busted and Disgusted

Available as a Hardcover & Kindle Book

Black Broke Busted and Disgusted chronicles some of the experiences that I have gone through in transforming my mindset. In this book I share the techniques, strategies, and secrets that I have learned from some of the best entrepreneurial minds in the business.

These are the same techniques that I used to change my life from being sick and tired of being sick and tired, and being disgusted, to creating and designing life on my terms.

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