Everybody feel stressed at some point in their life regardless of whether they are a solo-preneur, entrepreneur or employee. There are different types of stress. What might be stressful to one person might be just a walk in the park for someone else. However like the old saying goes, “every man/woman’s burden is the heaviest” when they’re carrying it.

For solo-preneurs there are usually additional stress that comes along with the everyday pressure of finding different ways of keeping your business in the positive, and it seems as if everyday comes with new challenges. Another difference for solo-preneurs is that the stress seems to never go away, because when most people are looking forward to the weekends when they can wind down, and pick it back up again on Monday,the solo-preneurs has no such break, because there are no days off to relax and forget about business until Monday,that’s an employees life.

The solo-preneurs business success is dependent upon their well being, so if they are not able to meet certain goals, especially financial ones for whatever reason then that brings on additional stress, which usually leads to lack of productivity, which leads to not meeting goals and deadlines, which leads to more stress. I think you get the picture. It can lead a person into a black whole of stress, frustration and anxiety.



Evaluate the current situation that you are in. Look yourself in the mirror and ask honest questions, and give yourself honest heartfelt answers. Accept where you are, wherever that maybe, and by that I mean where you are in your business, not where you are literally, even though that might apply in some situations.

Where are you ? do not pass blame, accept where you are, but very important” DO NOT MAKE IT BIGGER THAN IT ACTUALLY IS” accept it for what it is, nothing more and nothing less. When we take the time to carefully evaluate,we usually find out that most of the issues that we have are not really as big as we make them out to be, when we put them in perspective.

How did you get here? and how can you move forward? Step one, accepting where you are and not feeling guilty or having a pity party. Just get real about your current situation, because your business is totally dependent upon you and how you deal with every situation that you encounter.


One of the ways in which navy seals are trained is to focus on the now. What that means is simply focusing on the issue or challenge or obstacle at hand. Do not worry about tomorrows battle, or next weeks assignments. Focus on what is in front of you right NOW, one thing at a time. We live in a age where we are led to believe that if we can’t multi-task then we are not very smart, well according to studies we are not very smart, because multi-tasking and trying to complete ten assignments at once is not possible for the human brain, and it is only a myth.

Most studies have shown that the human brain is capable of focusing on one task at a time, and the more task we assign the more inefficient we become, which means we become less productive and less creative at least when it comes to high level brain activity.

As a business owner it would do you justice to focus on whatever issue it is that is causing stress or frustration in your business. Do not worry about what might never happen, just focus on the now and block out all else until you are able to find a solution.


Whatever situation you are in, you have probably been in a worse situation before and you are here to share that story. Whatever situation you are in, it could be worse. Are you alive and breathing? Believe me it could be worse. Learn to be grateful for the small things regardless of how insignificant they may seem, because someone else would probably give their left arm to be in your shoes or to have your problems,even though it doesn’t feel that way to you.

Live in a constant state of gratitude, even for the things that don’t always seems favorable to you, because that is the only way they will become favorable is when you look for the reasons to make them so. It doesn’t take any effort at all to find the negative, however it takes a little bit more effort to find the good and to be grateful. Gratitude puts you in a state of appreciation, and a feeling of contention.

Jim Rohn once said don’t wish for less problems wish that you were better in order to solve the problems that you have. That’s a round about way of saying be grateful for the problems that you have, because they are twofold. First they give you an opportunity to grow and become stronger, secondly like Jim Rohn says they force you to become stronger.

When you first wake in the morning instead of focusing on all the things that you think will go wrong throughout your day, instead take ten minutes and think of five things in your life that you are grateful for. Better yet, write them down, and carry them with you through out the day, and when things start to get a little hectic pull them out and remember the things that you have to be grateful for in life.


Anchors are a tool that neuro linguistic programmers use, and they can be used for different things. Today we will use this technique to create a success anchor.

First think back to a time when you had success at something, it doesn’t matter what, just remember that moment. Great, now visualize it, what does it look like? who’s there with you? where are you? see everything about that moment and relive it as you visualize it.

Now what sounds do you hear? hear everything that was going on at that moment when you felt success at the highest point. Can you hear the sounds?

How does it feel? is it a touch, a feeling in your body, does it feel all tingly?

What do you see? What does it look like?

see it, feel it, and hear it until it gets to a peak state.

When you are at the peak of that feeling, use the thumb on your left hand and touch the second knuckle on your fourth finger, the ring finger, and touch it when that feeling of success is at its peak. The way this anchor works is that from this point on when you need to feel a peak level of success you can rub your left thumb on to the second knuckle of your ring finger and you should be transported back to that feeling, which means you have anchored that feeling with those two movements.

This is not a lesson on NLP so that was very basic, and if you wanted to make that anchor stronger you can do the same thing and think of another moment when you had a level of success, and that would be stacking the anchors to make them stronger.

The point is this, you want to be able to bring yourself to a state of confidence when you want to, and not be held captive to your everyday circumstances.


As a solo-preneur stress usually comes when you’re feeling stuck and things are not going as planned. In other words you’re not making the progress that you would like. The best thing to do to alleviate that is to do something that will bring you some form of progress in your business. Do something that will move your business forward. Happiness in business and in life comes from seeing progress.

Do something every single day, regardless of how small, because as solo-preneurs we need to see progress on a regular basis, or else we start to feel as if we are not getting closer to our goals.

Cliff Townsend

Entrepreneur Consultant