How to maximize Facebook traffic is not as easy as it may seem, and if you have ever ran your own Facebook ad campaign I am sure you will agree with me. face traffic

Many times people will tell me about their experience running Facebook ads, and I usually hear that it didn’t work. Well if you’re thinking the same let me stop that belief right now, because Facebook ads ALWAYS work, yes they always work. Facebook always deliver to you exactly what you ask them to deliver, and the exact time, and to the exact audience that you asked them to deliver it to, so guess what Facebook did their part.

A better question is, did you do your part? did you keep up to your part of the agreement? What most people mean when they say their ad didn’t work, is that they didn’t make any money. The people did not buy their services or products, or opted in to whatever it is they were offering.

There are strategic ways in which to effectively maximize your Facebook marketing campaigns, and I will share 5 ways to Maximize Facebook Paid Traffic.

  1. The very first thing is to understand that paying for traffic works, so it must become a major part of your strategy, while you continue working on the other areas. Paying for traffic, specifically on Facebook is the quickest way for you to scale your business, and put people in front of your products and services.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           So the first thing you need to do, if you are unsure about any aspect of your marketing, like who is your audience, where they are, does your copy work, is your offer good? you know any of those things or anything else you’re unsure of. Start with a small budget for 5 days, and study the analytics, which will give you great feed back on who,why,where,when people looked at your offer, and from their make the necessary adjustments. 
  2. Out of the 5 ways to maximize Facebook paid traffic none is less important than the other, they all work hand in hand, so the next step is to be consistent. You will not get an accurate count if you run your ad two time, regardless of the results. On average people need to see your ad in their face a minimum of 7 times before they make a buying decision, so decide to stick with and understand that it’s a long term commitment.
  3. Face the fear of spending money. I know I said earlier to start small, but once you’ve analyzed your analytics and you have a better idea on how and where to spend, then spend. The fear is that if you spend you will lose, and if that is your philosophy, guess what you will. Do you research, analyze your results and spend confidently.
  4. Location-Age-Gender-Interest, of course there are many more categories to choose from, but these are usually in the top as far as importance, and how to narrow down your target audience. Talking about targeting, Facebook allows you to go broad or narrow with your targeting, and I recommend going narrow, so for example if you’re into golf, a broad category would be golf clubs, and a narrower category would be left handed nike putter, i don’t know if that made sense from a golf perspective, but you get me meaning.
  5. Use images for you Facebook ads. It doesn’t matter how great your copy is, no one is clicking, yes I’m serious no one, because people react to pictures, why do you think Instagram and Pinterest are so successful? Do not use low quality images, nor images that you don’t have the rights to, use the ones on your camera, and images of real people usually work best, people that most resembles the audience that you’re targeting. If you’re selling medicare products, don’t put a picture of a 20 year old model, it may offend your audience.